Another Coastal Straw Missing Embryos

Former Clients Of Coastal Fertility Medical Center In Irvine Go Public In Hopes Others With Human Embryos Lost Or Destroyed Will Step Forward

Irvine Husband and Wife Had Parenthood Hopes Crushed On Learning of Lost Embryos from Coastal Fertility; Face-Off Expected Friday in Orange County Courtroom Over Clinic’s Refusal to Produce Evidence of Other Cases.

IRVINE, CA. – February 14, 2018 – An Orange County couple, Natalia and Randall Bergman, appealed today for members of the public who have had frozen embryos lost or damaged by Coastal Fertility Medical Center of Irvine to step forward and tell the stories of their losses. The Bergmans are suing Coastal Fertility Medical Center after their hopes of having a child were obliterated when they were told their fertilized eggs were either lost or destroyed.

Former Costal clients can go online to tell their stories at

Represented by attorney Adam Wolf and Tracey Cowan of the law firm Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane Abdullah Carr & Kane, the Bergmans already have uncovered one case in which another couple’s embryos from Coastal Fertility Medical Center were lost. In their bid to stop this from every happening to another couple, the Bergmans hope their appeal to the public today will expose even more such evidence.

The Bergmans are scheduled to be in court Friday for a hearing on their motion in the Superior Court of the State of California in Orange County to compel Coastal Fertility to answer whether there have been other such cases of lost or destroyed human embryos. To date, Coastal Fertility has blocked all related discovery attempts by the Bergmans.

Natalia Bergman said: “We went into debt and borrowed money to make this process possible. In fact, we were so protective of our embryos that when we grew concerned about the practices of Coastal Fertility, we asked for the embryos to be transferred to another facility. It was then that we learned that our precious embryos had been lost or destroyed. It was like the whole bottom fell out of our world and we at first did not know what to do. It was after much prayer and deliberation that we decided it was our mission to make sure that this kind of thing never happened again to another couple.”

Randall Bergman said: “We are asking other clients of Coastal Fertility who may have experienced a devastating loss like ours to come forward so that we can ensure no one else has to suffer what we did. We now know of another couple with an experience like ours and perhaps there are other cases out there like ours yet to be uncovered. Coastal Fertility is fighting to keep this information out of the public eye; all we want is for the truth to be known.”

Attorney Adam Wolf said: “The Bergmans have been forced by the foot dragging and lack of cooperation from Coastal Fertility to take this step of going public. Keep in mind that they entrusted their most valuable property in the entire world – their frozen embryos – to Coastal Fertility Medical Center. The Bergmans want to make sure that this devastating tragedy is never inflicted again on other unsuspecting people.”

Originally filed in October 2016, the Bergmans’ lawsuit names Coastal Fertility Medical Center, its founder and medical director Lawrence B. Werlin and Coastal laboratory director Thomas Nass. According to the lawsuit, the Fertility Center promised to safeguard the frozen embryos but then “lost or actively discarded” the embryos, despite having charged the Bergmans for eight months of storage and then promising to allow safe transport of the embryos to another clinic.

Given their tight family finances, the Bergmans first sought the help of Coastal Fertility Medical Center in 2013 for an intrauterine insemination procedure, which was unsuccessful. In 2014, the Bergmans then opted for the more expensive in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure, which also failed. After serious doubts were raised in their minds about Werlin and Coastal Fertility, they sought to have their fertilized embryos transferred in 2015 to another clinic. It was only after they borrowed money for a second round of IVF and started the tests and other preparations that the Bergmans learned the Coastal Fertility straw supposedly containing their fertilized embryos was empty. When Natalia Bergman learned of this outcome, she literally fell to the ground in shock.

Unable to raise the funds for additional IVF attempts and, in fact, still paying off the debt from the earlier round, the Bergmans now have a routine reminder of their tragedy when they pay down their bill for the fertility treatments. Additionally, Natalia Bergman is now older and has lost precious time in terms of the viability of her eggs.

The Bergmans’ lawsuit seeks to recover cost and compensation for severe emotional and other damage as a result of this terrible experience.

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