Bergman News Conference Audio

February 14, 2018: Bergman Family News Conference.



Irvine Husband and Wife Had Parenthood Hopes Crushed On Learning of Lost Embryos from Coastal Fertility.

An Orange County couple, Natalia and Randall Bergman, appealed today for members of the public who have had frozen embryos lost or damaged by Coastal Fertility Medical Center of Irvine to step forward and tell the stories of their losses. The Bergmans are suing Coastal Fertility Medical Center after their hopes of having a child were obliterated when they were told their fertilized eggs were either lost or destroyed.

Represented by attorney Adam Wolf and Tracey Cowan of the law firm Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane Abdullah Carr & Kane, the Bergmans already have uncovered one case in which another couple’s embryos from Coastal Fertility Medical Center were lost. In their bid to stop this from every happening to another couple, the Bergmans hope their appeal to the public today will expose even more such evidence.

The full text of the 2016 court filing is available online at

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